Phlebotomist Hiring Tools & Procedure

Phlebotomy implies the process of puncturing the vein to collect blood sample for medical diagnosis. We train the phlebotomists to draw blood samples from patients as well as collect and carry the blood samples safely to the laboratory for medical diagnosis. The phlebotomists can work in all kinds of medical facilities. We Train the phlebotomist in the all processes and procedures:

  • Collection of blood samples from patients.
  • Patient identification, especially when working on hospital.
  • label vials with patient names and dates.
  • Best method for drawing blood depending on the specific patient.
  • Transportation of all specimen samples to a nearby laboratory.
  • Centrifuge blood samples, depending on if this is allowed in the state they are working in.
  • Working with a large number of patients varying in age and health status.
  • Infection control standards at all times when working with patients and equipment.

On Site Training For New Recruits

  • Upgrade the knowledge about new technology/ SOPs..
  • It consists of an experienced employee passing down their skills to a new employee.
  • Soft skills training to sort out the client issues.

Quarterly Training To Enhance The Skills

  • Training about new technical standards and tests.
  • Training about new NABL guidelines.
  • Training about basic phlebotomy skills to meet the quality.

Stages of Training

  • Pre induction training.
  • Post induction training.
  • Onsite training for new recruits.
  • Quarterly training to enhance the skills.
  • Questionnaire to harness the knowledge.